Wanting to paint is where painting starts, learning to paint is the next step.
This Workshop begins the process.
It is a one-day workshop for 3 to 5 painters.
It costs $100 and includes all supplies.
If you like my paintings, I will show you how I paint them.
First I introduce paper, paint, brushes & the basics of painting simple strong watercolors.
I will paint a piece then you will paint it.
I help if you need it and want it.
We break for lunch which you bring for yourself.
I will review master works from my library to show how Homer, Wyeth and Sargent deal with basic issues of watercolor.
Next I will paint another work then you will paint it.
I will give you a matte to frame your work.
You can sign up individually or as a group.
Slots are limited but I try to accommodate.
Everyone enjoys the day.


Special Opportunity - watercolor for beginners

first time at shaker village kentucky

march 12 and May 21 2022  visit

signup soon.  class size limited.