Charley Jolly — Artist

Watercolor painting

It is always good to treat yourself to art.  No better time than this year!

The Studio Open House is a great time to see what is new. This year's watercolors touch, both what is real and what is not .

I am not a writer.  I paint.   Do not llisten to these words, come see the work.

I have gathered a selection of paintings of the past year into "Domiciles of Season."

 Domicile - "a place of permanent residency",  the place where one memory will always try to return.

Diverse work -  "Seasons  -  Promise,  Arrival,  Leaving, Interlude".

Painting is a way that I can possess some of what slips away - elusiveness of beauty,
the transience of thought, and the irony of circumstance.

You will find things familiar and things strange. You will find things I did not intend.

I look forward to seeing you as always. Welcome back and welcome anew.

Bring a friend, art needs to be shared.