Charley Jolly — Artist



One always hopes to paint what one knows.

What one doesn't know, is more interesting!

"Notwithstanding" is the  latest collection of paintings from this fall.

This series takes me by surprise.

I wish I had intended it.

I am not sure I fully understand it myself but "Notwithstanding" describes

what we do not know about ourselves.

The "de-materialized" dwelling is a vessel of that hopeful "despite" -  of all that exists to the contrary.

I am still painting.  Come see.

Recent collections of the past year  are called "Domiciles of Season."

 Domicile - "a place of permanent residency",  the place where one's memory will always try to return.

Diverse work -  "Seasons  -  Promise,  Arrival,  Leaving, Interlude".

Painting is a way that I can possess some of what slips away - the elusiveness of beauty

the transience of thought, and the irony of circumstance.

You will find things familiar and things strange. You will find things I did not intend.

I look forward to seeing you as always. Come see the work.

Bring a friend, art needs to be shared.